Thursday, 30 June 2011

Bar Arrangements

Medium sized Martini Vase on the bar

Small Martini Vase Design on the bar Tables

Goldfish Bowl Top Table Design

Goldfish Bowls arranged along the front of the top table in varying sizes

Golfing Table Designs & Seating Plan Ideas

The most important thing about using themed table designs particularly for a wedding is that the designs aren't too obvous, that they look gorgeous and bridal on first viewing as you enter the room, then on closer inspection the guests will see all of the detail and really understand your theme without it overtaking your wedding day!


On this table design created on a tall table stand we attached Clubs to each of the three legs of the stand and had Golf balls hanging from the design, in the top was Pin flag created from Formium leaves, each guest had a monogrammed golf ball as a table favour. This seating Plan is created on a large "Welcome Ring" chosen to reflect the circle of life and the wedding rings, each section is designed to represent a certain Golf Club that the Bride & Groom had played at, so for "Royal St Georges" we used Red Roses for St George...

The Royal St Georges Table

With a small Posy of Red Roses at the base of the design and an explanation

The Turnberry Table we used Heather and Thistles

Portmarnock we used Shamrock

At this wedding we used Golf balls within the table designs, the Grooms family owned a Golf Course in Canada and the Brides Family were Italian so the two most important things were of course Golf and Italian Food

Golf Balls in the centre of the top table design

Mini Golf courses inside Goldfish bowls

Lemons & Golf Balls layered up inside tall conical vases

Golf Balls also arranged within the designs themselves, lemons and Golf balls inside a giant martini glass

The Seating Plan again depicting special Golf Clubs that the Bride & Groom have played at

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Reflections Table Centre Pieces

The Inn at Whitewell for the festivities...Each table was dressed with "Reflections" posies of fresh flowers

Reflections are perfect for giving small posies of gorgeous flowers out to all of your guests at the end of an evening for this particular event we used on one variety of flower on each table but you could have mixed and assorted flowers and colours throughout.

The top table had posies of Ranunculas & Sweet PeasHydrangeas

Parrot Tulips



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